My name is Beth.

I've been making some sort of art since I can remember, but it was January 2020 when I first tried needle felting.

I've created hundreds of items since then and can't believe how much I've learned!

I work on felting in small pockets of time in between caring for my home and family, practicing different kinds of art while listening to my favorite podcasts, thrifting for second hand finds, and getting outside to rest and explore.

My shop has gone through quite a few different transitions over the last couple years and even though right now I can only make a handful of pieces per restock, this is the most sustainable the shop has ever felt to me and my capacity to create.

I'm so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to share my art with you and have anyone willing to support my efforts through purchases. 

Thanks for being here!

I hope these felted pieces make your day a little brighter when you see them!